Adding Custom Excerpt in WordPress is easy, Here’s how?

If you’re using WordPress and looking to add custom excerptand modify it then, this post can be very useful to you. But before diving deep into detail, let’s understand what are Excerpt in WordPress.

Excerpt in WordPress

Understanding about Excerpt in WordPress

Excerpts are small extracts from your full post or page content. It gives a brief summary of the full article available on your website. So it gives the readers a quick overview of what they can expect from the content visible there. These excerpts are generated via the WordPress function:
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Why is it necessary to use Excerpts

After you convert your website from PSD to WordPress, it shows full posts on the home page, blog page and archives of your site. It makes the WordPress site slower and makes the search engine believe that the pageson the WordPress have duplicate content.

The excerpts will help to load your WordPress page faster. It is because while using the page you will be loading a small part of each article and your archive page won’t be affected by the matching content penalty.

Some WordPress themes automatically create a short excerpt of your posts. The major disadvantage of this method is that your WordPress theme calculates the excerpt for you, which can be a little challenging! So it is always better to create a custom excerpt.

Now let’s look at three different ways you can add custom excerpts in WordPress.

Adding a Custom Excerpt in WordPress (Default)

It is very simple to add custom excerpt in WordPress. You can either create a new post or edit the existing one. Go on to the post edit screen, and click on the screen options tab, now choose the excerpt. An excerpt meta box will be shown below your post editor. It provides you with the freedom to add any text in this box, and it will be used as the excerpt for the post.

Excerpt in WordPress

The major problem that you will now face is that some themes might not show your custom excerpt. So in this case, you may have to edit your theme files mainly home.php, content.php, archive.php, category.php, etc.

You will need to locate:
<?php the_content(); ?>

Next, you will need to replace it with the_excerpt tag like this:
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Although this method is not very suitable for beginners, who do not want to edit their theme files. It is because of this reason there comes another method.

Adding Custom Excerpts Using Plugin

Hereinthis method, you can add more tag by placing your cursor in the post editor. You can begin this by installing and activating the Advanced Excerpt plugin. After activating the plugin visit the settings and then Excerpt page to configure the plugin. This plugin allows you to solve the excerpt display issues caused by your WordPress theme.

After setting up your excerpt, you can save changes button to store your settings. If you want to use something else or use your theme’s excerpts, then can simply deactivate the plugin.

I hope you liked the article! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Everything Else Takes a Backseat When Your WordPress Website is Quick

You might have a shortfall in your site’s coding, a widget might be looking misfit on the sidebar, the logo may not be earth-shatteringly good – all these factors do have a reasonable effect on your website’s prospects. But if your site is taking too long to load on the visitors’ browser, be rest assured they are straightaway heading to your competitors.

Patience isn’t the hallmark of Internet users. It never was. So, instead of hoping them to be more forebearing, it would be a better idea if you accelerate your website’s loading speed. And this can be done right from the time you carry out the HTML to WordPress theme conversion. If that means seeking help from a professional WordPress Developer, so be it.

HTML to WordPress theme conversion

If there is one thing that that underlines all deliverables of online success, it is the speed of the website that’s representing your business. Choosing WordPress for your website was indeed a great decision, but it’s just a part of the whole process.

Ways in Which Low Website Speed Can Be Damaging

There is no dearth of reasons to advocate a fast WordPress website. Whilst you may be aware of a bunch of them – like user experience – there are still a few that may have escaped your attention:

  • The Adwords Quality Score

Conversion rate is what it all boils down to at the end of the day and it is abundantly proven fact that faster websites have greater conversion rates (offset of better user experience). Google well and truly recognizes this fact and it shows in the Adwords Quality Score it grants to your website. If Google finds out that your website’s landing page is loading at a less-than-desirable speed, you can be pretty much sure that Google won’t be very generous while giving you the Quality Score.

And there are different ways the Quality Score impacts your advertising campaigns. To begin with, they determine how successful or not so successful are your CPC endeavors. If you have a website that loads fast, you might have to shell out lesser bucks on your advertising campaigns. And this way, you can market your website more aggressively. So, in its bare bones, a faster website lets you reach a farther band of audience because you can weave a deeper online marketing campaign.

  • Your Competitors Enjoy the Riches You Let Slip By

As mentioned earlier, when a visitor is looking for a particular service/product/information on your site, and if it is taking too long to load on his browser, he is most likely to look for your competitor’s website. So, not only are you hurting your prospects by letting visitors bounce of your website when you had the requisite information for them, you are also paving their way to your competition.

  • A Larger Chunk of Mobile Audience

A year back, probably, not being so concerned about the traffic inflow from the mobile platforms was alright. If your website was not compatible with the Androids and iOS platforms, it didn’t affect your prospects in a great measure. But there has been a shape-shifting change in the last year or so, as more and more Internet users have leaned towards their Smartphones when surfing Internet. And that’s where your WordPress website needs to perk itself up for the mobile versions of their website, or simply create a website is equally responsive on mobiles as it is on desktops.

Emphasizing upon the same, it is a time where webmasters Are more leaning towards creating a website is that is made for the mobile devices. Creating an altogether separate mobile version of the website is an unwieldly process that calls for a lot of investment in efforts and money. This investment can certainly be saved when you create a responsive website which adapts itself seamlessly according to different screen sizes and operating systems. The enhanced speed of the website only adds to your cause.

Website speed has never ceased to be a critically important facet, but there never has been a time when it mattered more than it matters now. When taking hold of your visitors is on the agenda, you need to impress them right from the get go.

Designs2HTML- The #1 choice for achieving pixel-perfect WordPress theme conversions

Nowadays, online businesses are on a constant look out for ways that can aid in achieving instant success. With websites serving as top-notch tools for effective business promotion, one needs to pay special attention towards enhancing his/her site’s performance. Website customization enables the entrepreneurs to meet the varying expectations of the targeted customer base. Websites built on WordPress are considered remarkable as compared to the ones built on other web development platforms.

Although PSD sites are highly alluring when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, making them friendly with major search engines and web browsers has always left website owners confused about the entire concept of designing the website using Adobe’s Photoshop tool. It is here when the role of PSD to WordPress theme conversion comes to play. By converting plain PSD files into feature-rich WordPress themes, it becomes convenient for the entrepreneurs to add a unique tint of usability into their website.

Designs2HTML- Your perfect partner in website enhancement regime

Designs2HTML serves as a professional markup conversion services company that works towards transforming the traditional PSD designs/templates into web compatible CMS themes. With a profound team of over 150 open source developers, Designs2HTML has the competence of undertaking hundreds of custom WordPress conversions for assuring a better performing website. If you aren’t contented with the existing look of your website and need more, simply request a quote for converting your site to WordPress enriched web portal today!

Services Rendered by Designs2HTML:

At Designs2HTML, we are a team of over 150 proficient web developers who have achieved technology breakthroughs. With an unflappable drive to deliver top-notch markup conversions, we weave a suite of resourceful solutions. Each developer working with us is willing to go beyond boundaries when it comes to transforming plain PSD files into fully-functional WordPress portals. Here’s a list steps covered by our web developers to render you a brand new WordPress portal that exceeds your expectations:

  • Once you submit us your PSD or similar format design, we convert the same into dynamic web pages. If you don’t have the design, not an issue, our trained designers will do the hard work for you.

  • As the second step, the file is being coded using XHTML/HTML and CSS. This is done using the semantic coding technique, ensuring that the resulting theme is friendly with the search engines and takes less time to load.

  • After this, the HTML Code is checked for any errors using the W3C validation technique.

  • Once the coding part is done, all the other CSS and HTML elements are being integrated into the final theme, giving it the shape of the website that’s being treated.

Unmatched WordPress Themes:

Designs2HTML assures you of a WordPress CMS theme that’s unmatched in quality. The team of professionals is skilled in rendering impeccable WordPress themes that are exactly similar to the original PSD version.


Designs2HTML respects your concern for judging the expertise of a company prior to working with it.For this, mentioned below are a few examples of the projects that have been accomplished by Designs2HTML. Hopefully, taking a sneak peak into this portfolio will help you make a better decision: