Manual or Automated- Which PSD to HTML Conversion is good for your website?

Well, there have been continuous debates about the worth of both, manual as well as automated PSD to HTML Conversions. While some web developers have been preferring manual PSD to HTML conversions, there are others who feel comfortable in performing the conversions with the help of a software. With such polarized opinions, business owners are likely to get confused about the markup conversion method that would prove befitting for their website.

Unlike the case of website markup conversions done via a software, the ones that are implemented manually serve better results. Here’s a list of pros associated with manual PSD to HTML Conversions that are absent in case of conversions done with the help of a software:

  • 100% Pixel-perfect website- Manual slicing of the PSD design files ensures that your website gets optimum pixel perfection. An eye-catchy web design is something that can make a lot of eye balls roll.

  • Search engine friendly website- In today’s competitive world where everyone is putting in best efforts towards creating a niche in the business world, search engine optimization has emerged as an excellent means of making a mark in the business world. Hand-coded PSD to HTML conversions done by Designs2HTML ensure that your website ranks high on all the major search engines. Professionals at Designs2HTML follow SEO semantic coding to optimize your website for the search engines.

  • Cross-browser compatible websites- Since consumers aren’t bound to accessing websites via a single web browser, it is vital for the business professionals to ensure 100% cross-browser compatible nature of their corporate site. Manual coding done for PSD to HTML conversion is a sure-shot technique of making a website easily accessible via a variety of web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.

  • Mobile friendly website- With smartphones becoming one of the most popular gadgets among consumers, ensuring mobile friendly nature of websites has become mandatory. Web developers performing manual coding for your site’s PSD to HTML conversion make sure to empower your website with flexibility to load brilliantly on all the smartphones and tablet devices.

  • W3C Validation- While the websites generated via markup conversions done using a self automated software embarrass on W3C standards, the ones hand-coded by top-notch web developers meet all the set standards amicably. Since W3C validation is crucial for robustness and longevity of a website, neglecting it will led to unwanted results.

All the aforementioned aspects speak a lot about the benefits attached with manual PSD to CSS HTML HTML5 conversions. It is true that automatic conversion takes lesser time as compared to manual conversion, but the latter approach is definitely competent in adding efficiency and scalability to your website.