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Nowadays, a plain PSD based website is definitely not the right means of gathering the attention of potential customers. A suitable markup conversion can actually add a unique charm to your existing website. Designs2HTML is a firm that has looked into the constantly growing urge for changing the markup languages of websites. The company has a brilliant track record of having successfully delivered over 10,000 projects in the last 5 years time. Housing a team of over 250 top-notch web developers, the company is keen on serving many more clients hailing from different corners of the globe.

Designs2HTML offers a 30 days after-implementation support on all its markup conversion services. The plethora of markup conversions handled by Designs2html include:

  • PSD to HTML- Designs2HTML team accepts PSD designs in various formats such as PSD, JPG, TIF, BMP etc. to convert into pixel-perfect HTML codes that enhance the client’s website.

  • PSD to WordPress - Designs2HTML puts 100% diligence in offering exceptional PSD to WordPress theme conversion services, ensuring W3C Compliant and fast loading websites.

  • PSD to Joomla - Veteran developers at Designs2HTML utilize a myriad of tools and proven technologies for converting PSD designs into Joomla.

  • PSD to Drupal - Team of qualified developers at Designs2HTMLl are engaged in rendering result-oriented PSD to Drupal conversion services to boost the client’s online presence.

  • PSD to Magento - Well-accustomed Magento developers at Designs2HTML deliver excellent PSD To Magento conversion services as per the specifications laid by the client.

  • HTML to WordPress- The team of professionals at Designs2HTML converts static HTML websites into fully-featured and easily manageable WordPress sites.

All the aforementioned markup conversions of Designs2HTML are targeted at transforming the client’s designs into web pages that add a unique charm to the overall website. Backed by an industry-wide expertise, the web developers at Designs2HTML look into undertaking markup conversions which involve a special focus on ensuring the search engine friendly nature of the website. Interactivity and cross-browser compatibility are key aspects considered by the web development team at Designs2html.

What makes markup conversions delivered by Designs2HTML different from the ones delivered by other service providers?

  • 100% Hand-coded conversions- As the foremost advantage of Design2html’s markup conversions, the company delivers 100% hand-coded markups. The team of web developers at Designs2HTML makes sure to provide high quality HTML/CSS Markup.

  • SEO Optimized Code- In all the markup conversions handled by the company, the team of web developers ensures to provide SEO friendly code. With an SEO friendly code, the client’s website get indexed by all the popular search engines and gains top ranking on the search engine results pages.

  • Cross-browser compatibility- In today’s web world where cross-browser compatibility plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a website, markup conversions offered by Designs2HTML keep into account the browser compatibility of the client’s website. In simple words, when you choose a markup conversion service from the company, you can expect a website that loads perfectly on all the major search engines including Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • 100% transparency in project management- Designs2HTML follows 100% transparency in project management, engagement process and project reporting process. The clients ordering for the company’s markup conversion services can rest assured about getting familiar with every single step that is being taken for converting the plain PSD designs into a different markup language like HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento.

  • 100% Money back guarantee- While other markup conversion service providers end their role after delivering a project, Designs2HTML guarantees 100% money back under situations wherein the client isn’t satisfied with the final product.

With a prefabricated IT structure, Designs2HTML caters the best markup conversion services that are par excellence. Keeping in loop with various business dimensions, the company offers a website that serves to the needs of both, the seller as well as the purchaser. Offering top of the line markup conversions, Designs2HTML boosts website’s performance by a huge bound. 

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