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Opportunities and Roadblocks with HTML5 & Cross Platform Development

HTML5 retains its singularity, even with all its flaws and fab features. The direct effect of the growing traction towards HTML5 can be felt from the fact that the web users are increasingly leaning towards the desktop browsers for accessing their favorite websites.

The textual websites were ruling the roost where you has large chunks of text dominating a web page, and the images were mostly used as hyperlinks to ease the navigation. But with the web dynamics changing drastically, the need for more dynamic web pages is felt. And this dynamism goes beyond having flashy designs and animations. The new age web means we can have live apps running on our web platforms, which include contests, games and so on.

Besides, the transformation of native apps into web apps in terms of the volume and the urgency has been the stand out factor as well. Cross-platform has been the need of the hour, per se. When you can develop a singular piece of code meant to be used at more than one places, you are already on a sure footing.

Having said that, for a developer to take the plunge, there are a host of other things – challenges – to be considered as well. Let’s account for the benefits and challenges of HTML5 and the overall web development for multiple platforms one at a time:

The Opportunities

The whole idea of code once, deploy multiple times is what pulls the developers towards this breed of web development. Not only is their effort reduced, the overall project cost is greatly reduced as well. So today, you have a particular website that’s accessible from desktops, Windows phones, iPhones, tablets and so on. If the trends of the last few months are to be taken into consideration, you can access web even from your wrist watches. Now that’s singularly worth the price of admission.

  •  The Content Can be Produced as and When Required

The wherewithal to provide content to the user on demand adds to the flexibility of the whole exercise. Besides, the developers don’t have to come into picture all the time. The whole beautify of the new age web development is that once the process is accomplished, a non-tech-savvy individual can effectively achieve the user cases and advertise the apps more penetratingly. The apps can be used while the messaging environment is simultaneously running.

  • Use of Technology Till the Last Thread

Modern web development does not skimp on the suite and variety of technologies. And this happens to be the direct result of the uninterrupted emergence of some powerful and path-breaking technologies in recent times. Node.js is one of the platforms that are responsible for growing acceptance of new-fangled technologies.

The technological sophistication has to grown to such an extent that you can use the same code for developing websites that are meant to run on desktops, mobile devices and so on, ensuring the same user experience.

  • An Ever-Growing Developer Community

One of the chief reasons for the growing traction towards cross platform development is the fact that the web community is growing in size, and its adaptation of the state of the art technological tools. And this really gives a shot in the arm to the underlying concept of modern web development based on cross-platforms and HTML5.

But, like we said, not all is hunky dory here. The cross platform development also throws a handful of challenges at us.

The Roadblocks

  • Code Once Deploy Multiple Times Can Be Unwieldy for that “Once”

When you are coding a web solution that is meant to work everywhere, you need several times more research and effort to get it right. Each platform has its own development models and structural dynamics. When you wish to create a web solution that is compatible with each, you need to endure the grind of daily revisions, tests, rechecks and so on until you truly create something that is worth something.

The packaging detail of each platform varies from the other, the configurational difference evaluations can get taxing, ensuring high UX on every individual platform may end up becoming an unrealistic goal.

  • Performance on Mobile Suffers

Yes, you have used HTML5 to create the most responsive of websites, but does it really load as fast on mobiles as a made-for-mobiles site would. Most definitely, no. the made for mobile site strictly comprises of scripts that are needed for the site to be displayed on the mobile device. A responsive website however comes with its own baggage of scripts, a chunk of which are simply not needed and only end up deteriorating the site’s performance on the mobile OS.

  • Disparity in Execution

Again, there is definitely an intricate tapestry to addressing a wide variety of platforms. In mobile devices for instances, there are different ways to how an input is made. The touch screen algorithms have to be taken into account, and also the smaller screen resolutions. And this leads to augmented confusion and algorithms that might get a little taxing for the developers and designers alike. It might serve you well if you take the mobile first approach, since a large part of your target audience belong to those who access your site on their Smartphones.

Cross platform development is in vogue, and justifiably so. But the rich pleasures can only be enjoyed once you begin to see both sides of the coin.

Everything Else Takes a Backseat When Your WordPress Website is Quick

You might have a shortfall in your site’s coding, a widget might be looking misfit on the sidebar, the logo may not be earth-shatteringly good – all these factors do have a reasonable effect on your website’s prospects. But if your site is taking too long to load on the visitors’ browser, be rest assured they are straightaway heading to your competitors.

Patience isn’t the hallmark of Internet users. It never was. So, instead of hoping them to be more forebearing, it would be a better idea if you accelerate your website’s loading speed. And this can be done right from the time you carry out the HTML to WordPress theme conversion. If that means seeking help from a professional WordPress Developer, so be it.

HTML to WordPress theme conversion

If there is one thing that that underlines all deliverables of online success, it is the speed of the website that’s representing your business. Choosing WordPress for your website was indeed a great decision, but it’s just a part of the whole process.

Ways in Which Low Website Speed Can Be Damaging

There is no dearth of reasons to advocate a fast WordPress website. Whilst you may be aware of a bunch of them – like user experience – there are still a few that may have escaped your attention:

  • The Adwords Quality Score

Conversion rate is what it all boils down to at the end of the day and it is abundantly proven fact that faster websites have greater conversion rates (offset of better user experience). Google well and truly recognizes this fact and it shows in the Adwords Quality Score it grants to your website. If Google finds out that your website’s landing page is loading at a less-than-desirable speed, you can be pretty much sure that Google won’t be very generous while giving you the Quality Score.

And there are different ways the Quality Score impacts your advertising campaigns. To begin with, they determine how successful or not so successful are your CPC endeavors. If you have a website that loads fast, you might have to shell out lesser bucks on your advertising campaigns. And this way, you can market your website more aggressively. So, in its bare bones, a faster website lets you reach a farther band of audience because you can weave a deeper online marketing campaign.

  • Your Competitors Enjoy the Riches You Let Slip By

As mentioned earlier, when a visitor is looking for a particular service/product/information on your site, and if it is taking too long to load on his browser, he is most likely to look for your competitor’s website. So, not only are you hurting your prospects by letting visitors bounce of your website when you had the requisite information for them, you are also paving their way to your competition.

  • A Larger Chunk of Mobile Audience

A year back, probably, not being so concerned about the traffic inflow from the mobile platforms was alright. If your website was not compatible with the Androids and iOS platforms, it didn’t affect your prospects in a great measure. But there has been a shape-shifting change in the last year or so, as more and more Internet users have leaned towards their Smartphones when surfing Internet. And that’s where your WordPress website needs to perk itself up for the mobile versions of their website, or simply create a website is equally responsive on mobiles as it is on desktops.

Emphasizing upon the same, it is a time where webmasters Are more leaning towards creating a website is that is made for the mobile devices. Creating an altogether separate mobile version of the website is an unwieldly process that calls for a lot of investment in efforts and money. This investment can certainly be saved when you create a responsive website which adapts itself seamlessly according to different screen sizes and operating systems. The enhanced speed of the website only adds to your cause.

Website speed has never ceased to be a critically important facet, but there never has been a time when it mattered more than it matters now. When taking hold of your visitors is on the agenda, you need to impress them right from the get go.

Going with Custom-made Themes Helps Avoid the Bumps on Road to Online Success

If you just stumbled upon this article then probably you’ll be seeking out answers whether to choose a ready-made theme for your website development project, or rather opt for a customized design. For any online business seeking to achieve success in today’s wobbly marketplace, it becomes imperative to incorporate newfangled elements in their site in a bid to stand ahead of the curve. When beginning with a website development project, the first thing that people do is search for a ready-made template that match up their industry type. But there are a lot of downsides to using some already existing template for your site.

Convert PSD to wordpress themeWhy you should choose to create custom templates than ready-made templates?

The best way to create a site that could drove in good traffic is to opt for PSD to mark-up conversions compared to selecting an existing theme. Wondering why? Well, most often using some pre-made theme will refrain you from making customizations. This is because, such themes are intended to serve the purpose of universal crowd, and are not designed to work in sync with your target audience needs. Furthermore, most likely you’ll find several business entities (working in your domain) that will be probably using the same theme as yours. It’s obvious, online surfers won’t like to visit a duplicated site and will rather scroll the web for one with a unique approach.

All the above factors clearly suggests that creating one of a kind design is the “need of the hour”, which can be accomplished by developing custom design for your website. Creating a custom theme design gives you the flexibility to make modifications in the design, and you can easily add products and/or services that are displayed in an impressive manner. The biggest reason behind custom template creation is to help an individual, especially a business owners to come up with a site including all the essential elements that makes it stand apart from the counterparts.

What is the best alternative for creating custom-made themes?

There are several PSD to mark-up conversions that allows users to build highly interactive and distinctive website. If you’re looking forward to build a site on the most popular platform that provides you the ease in editing and managing website content, you can opt for PSD to WordPress conversion. However, in order to carry out such conversion it’s important that you should have the ability and skills that let you fiddle with the code. But if you’re not the programming type, you can choose to work with a reputable development company that offers PSD to mark-up conversion services.

Taking up PSD to WP conversion services help you come up with a design that is an exact replica of your vision, and converts your virtual demonstration (custom created design) into a functional website layout.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Websites with exclusively designed theme can help you in attracting good amount of traffic. When it comes to site creation, most (though not all) site owners picks some ready-made template. However, using an existing one enforce limitations on making customizations in the site. But converting PSD files to WordPress format can help you create a web design tailored to meet your needs.

Build Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Websites for Gaining Larger Audience

Any webmaster would be doing a great deal of disservice to his website if he blatantly ignores the implications of a non-mobile-friendly website. The recent trends have dictated that larger part of global audience is leaning towards mobile phones when it comes to accessing Internet. And if your website doesn’t load appropriately on the mobile devices of your users, you are already losing out on a chunk of your audience.

But responsiveness of the website on mini screens and operating systems is not the only area that should concern you. At times, the sites load just fine, and there are other reasons that hit the user experience considerably badly. User-friendliness is one of those reasons that makes or breaks your prospects of getting it on with the mobile audience. If even a responsive website is giving navigation troubles to the end user, the website may not generate the business value you are craving for.

There are three signs that your website is either non responsive or non-user-friendly despite being responsive:

  • The bounce rate of the site when accessed through mobiles is ridiculously high

  • The avg. time spent by each visitor is abysmally low

  • The incoming traffic from mobile devices is consistently falling

Now, how do you get rid of these dispiriting issues:

Made for Mobile” Goes Beyond Making Smaller Websites

Those new to the realm of web development are wrongly under the impression that creating websites that are smaller in page size and minimally designed is all it takes to enhance the user experience. The truth however is somewhere between “partially yes” and “not quite”.

Yes, having smaller page sizes helps, but that’s not the answer to every question. If your website’s layout is haphazardly created and makes navigating through it a pain, the minimal design isn’t helping you per se. The cluttered website seem even more hard to navigate when accessed on smaller screens. Besides, you need to follow the mobile UX designing practices and this is where we use the phrase, “built for mobile”.

Built it for the Most Basic Set of Users

It’s alright to boil your website with some great tones and textures, but you have to know your limitations and the challenges that the most basic user feels while accessing Internet on his device. If your website is eating up the phone memory, the mobile UX goes for a toss. There has to be a set of guidelines for you to follow and a comprehensive testing procedure to be sure that the experience is same across all devices and across all user expertise.

The CTA Buttons Should be Strategically Located

The small screen of mobiles doesn’t give you a lot of freedom to choose where you wish to place the buttons and in what size. The size, in particular, has to be so that it’s finger friendly and at the same time, doesn’t occupy a lot of screen portion. You don’t have to make your user make efforts to touch the said button or put him off by displaying lots of buttons in such a close proximity then when he tries to click one, he ends up clicking the adjacent one unwantedly. The button should be clickable and well within the thumb’s reach. The smallest visual details have to be addressed appropriately enough in a website made for mobiles.

Fuss Free Navigation

If your visitor has to squint hard to find the main menu or the categories on the landing page, you have already made a wrong beginning. The navigation has to be intuitive, the landing page has to be clutter-free, there should be minimum number of categories, and you must also scatter some social media buttons across the website so that you can leverage the social media advantage to some extent. But add them in a way that they don’t interfere with the sense modality of the website.

3 Straight Forward Admin Panel Techniques to Speed up Your Magento Website

When it comes to the realm of eCommerce websites, there is a Magento stamp all over it. And this is majorly prompted the web developers across the globe to go for the PSD to Magento conversion as and when they wish to make the best use of their quality design files for their eCommerce website.

This conversions has a whole suite of benefits associated with it, and among those benefits, the propulsive portal that is highly scalable and easy to manage rank amongst the most sought-after ones. But having said that, one common challenge that website managers face is speeding their website up. Any eCommerce portal, if successful, receives huge traffic, and thus, there is a greater chance of the website crashing down due this heavy influx of traffic. Therefore, if you know the right techniques that can come to your rescue when developing an eCommerce portal, you can go a long way in gaining more users and making a stronger presence in the online marketplace.

The following points bring forth some easy, yet highly effective ways that can prove to be extremely resourceful when attempting to bolster a website’s speed:

#1. – The JS Files Can be Combined with the CSS markup

Well, if you have some prior technical knowledge about Magento, you may be aware that a Magento website uses JavaScript at the backend to add more stability to the website.

Now, whenever you are customizing your website, which happens quite too often with an eCommerce portal, you realize that there is an overload of the CSS elements and the JavaScript to the code, which makes it arduous to run a site with appreciable speed. The loading speed drops considerably as your browser is required to download truckloads of CSS and Javascript, and it has to fish for that from multiple sources which are not easily accessible. This again proves to be a major blo for the loading speed.

So, what do you do to avert this scenario? Well, you can’t manage the site if you do away with either. The best fit solution in this case happens to be the combination of the two – when you blend the CSS and JS in a way that they can be integrated into one file, you make sure that locating the files becomes much more simpler. As the visibility and accessibility of the files increases, you begin to notice the changes in the performance of the website pages.

All you need to do this is to go to the ‘Configuration’ sub-menu under the ‘system’ menu in the admin panel, then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and segue on to the ‘Developer’. Once you reach there, you need to locate the JavaScript and CSS Settings, wherein, you are given the freedom to Merge JavaScript and CSS. All that has to be done then is to click on ‘Yes’ and you are good to go. The enhanced performance is there to be seen.

#2. – Enable the Compilation

Now, here is one of the techniques implementing which shouldn’t be less than a breeze for you. The compilation setting in your Magento website may be disabled by default. And in all likelihood, it is affecting the speed of the site. Just go the the systems tab again, then reach for the Tools menu, select the compilation setting, and check the setting for Enable.

If you are wondering how this 3 step process manages to positively impact your site’s speed, here is a simple science behind it: when you enable compilation, the active scripts which are otherwise running at the backend, come to the fore and start operating from there. And this causes your website to run faster and smoother.

#3. – Relish the power of Flat Products and Categories

One more factor that influences the speed of your website is the attribute that is set for your data types. If configured inappropriately, they can have a significant impact on the site’s performance and that effect is in a negative manner.

Now, these attributes are scattered in a way that they lie under different tables and in order to bring them under one table so that they are directly accessible, you need that the default category that’s set in the site is ‘Flat’. When that’s done, Magento can retrieve it directly from the backend.

Bolstering your website for good speed is thus a combination of several techniques, that do come quite easy. Get them in order and you can present an eCommerce website for your users that doesn’t bother them with lazy loading times. 

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It’s On – 100% Money Back on PSD to HTML5 / WordPress Conversion

Here is a poke to the web development enthusiasts! If you are a designer or an agency that is seeking to convert its design files into fully-featured HTML5 or WordPress themes, here comes an offer that holds much greater promises. Participate in Designs2HTML‘s contest to avail our services *FREE of Cost*.

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The Winners- What all is to be won?

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Designs2HTML – One-Stop Solution for Result-Oriented Markup Conversion Services

Nowadays, a plain PSD based website is definitely not the right means of gathering the attention of potential customers. A suitable markup conversion can actually add a unique charm to your existing website. Designs2HTML is a firm that has looked into the constantly growing urge for changing the markup languages of websites. The company has a brilliant track record of having successfully delivered over 10,000 projects in the last 5 years time. Housing a team of over 250 top-notch web developers, the company is keen on serving many more clients hailing from different corners of the globe.

Designs2HTML offers a 30 days after-implementation support on all its markup conversion services. The plethora of markup conversions handled by Designs2html include:

  • PSD to HTML- Designs2HTML team accepts PSD designs in various formats such as PSD, JPG, TIF, BMP etc. to convert into pixel-perfect HTML codes that enhance the client’s website.

  • PSD to WordPress - Designs2HTML puts 100% diligence in offering exceptional PSD to WordPress theme conversion services, ensuring W3C Compliant and fast loading websites.

  • PSD to Joomla - Veteran developers at Designs2HTML utilize a myriad of tools and proven technologies for converting PSD designs into Joomla.

  • PSD to Drupal - Team of qualified developers at Designs2HTMLl are engaged in rendering result-oriented PSD to Drupal conversion services to boost the client’s online presence.

  • PSD to Magento - Well-accustomed Magento developers at Designs2HTML deliver excellent PSD To Magento conversion services as per the specifications laid by the client.

  • HTML to WordPress- The team of professionals at Designs2HTML converts static HTML websites into fully-featured and easily manageable WordPress sites.

All the aforementioned markup conversions of Designs2HTML are targeted at transforming the client’s designs into web pages that add a unique charm to the overall website. Backed by an industry-wide expertise, the web developers at Designs2HTML look into undertaking markup conversions which involve a special focus on ensuring the search engine friendly nature of the website. Interactivity and cross-browser compatibility are key aspects considered by the web development team at Designs2html.

What makes markup conversions delivered by Designs2HTML different from the ones delivered by other service providers?

  • 100% Hand-coded conversions- As the foremost advantage of Design2html’s markup conversions, the company delivers 100% hand-coded markups. The team of web developers at Designs2HTML makes sure to provide high quality HTML/CSS Markup.

  • SEO Optimized Code- In all the markup conversions handled by the company, the team of web developers ensures to provide SEO friendly code. With an SEO friendly code, the client’s website get indexed by all the popular search engines and gains top ranking on the search engine results pages.

  • Cross-browser compatibility- In today’s web world where cross-browser compatibility plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a website, markup conversions offered by Designs2HTML keep into account the browser compatibility of the client’s website. In simple words, when you choose a markup conversion service from the company, you can expect a website that loads perfectly on all the major search engines including Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • 100% transparency in project management- Designs2HTML follows 100% transparency in project management, engagement process and project reporting process. The clients ordering for the company’s markup conversion services can rest assured about getting familiar with every single step that is being taken for converting the plain PSD designs into a different markup language like HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Magento.

  • 100% Money back guarantee- While other markup conversion service providers end their role after delivering a project, Designs2HTML guarantees 100% money back under situations wherein the client isn’t satisfied with the final product.

With a prefabricated IT structure, Designs2HTML caters the best markup conversion services that are par excellence. Keeping in loop with various business dimensions, the company offers a website that serves to the needs of both, the seller as well as the purchaser. Offering top of the line markup conversions, Designs2HTML boosts website’s performance by a huge bound. 

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Acquire Premium PSD to WordPress Services with Designs2HTML

Wearing innovation high up its sleeve, Designs2HTML extends qualitatively unparalleled PSD to WordPress conversion services to its global clientele.

Injecting sleek, multifarious and consistency-driven features to your web portal is what helps it to stand out from the herd of innumerable websites. And PSD to WordPress theme conversion lays down the perfect platform for you to shape up a website on the same lines. Understanding this, Designs2HTML provides an reliably excellent PSD to WP services.

At Designs2HTML, we help you create an altogether different space for your website where it is able to draw a more concentrated attention from its targeted audience. Our PSD to WordPress experts are proficient at every aspect of this conversion and boast of years of experience in developing WordPress-powered websites that are characterized by sizzling features and a crackling design. At Designs2HTML, WordPress is a canvas which can be molded to appear as per you deem most suitable.

Our technology analysts help you coast over all the rough spots in technology by lacing you up with solutions that are flawless and provide you with a way to future.

How Designs2HTML Helps You Seize the Advantage

  • Newfangled Themes: The conversions we carry out at our end sets new standards in innovation. Our WordPress themes are out of the box and make a strong visual impact, apart from being highly responsive.

  • Bolstered Responsiveness: Responsive quotient of themes are what determine if your website will load smoothly on users’ browsers or will it give them hard time while accessing your site. At Designs2HTML, we always ensure it is the former.

  • Better Customization Capabilities: Our developers provide you themes that are robust, but not rigid. You can tailor them as and when you want based on your preferred set of features.

  • Reliably Secure: Not only we create visually enticing WordPress themes, but we lace them up with invincible security features that make it non-feasible for hackers to mess up with your website and intrude. The authentication features are robust and do not let any unauthorized access to take place.

  • Provision for Automatic Updates: In order to ensure that your website stays up to date with the latest standards and upgrades, we facilitate automatic updates.

  • More Plugins: Our themes come with an even bigger set of plugins to help you extend your site’s functionality with flair. You can also install as many third party plugins as you want.

Our PSD to WordPress conversions pave way for WordPress solutions that are faster, richer and help you achieve the unlikeliest of desirable results.

Designs2HTML’s Portfolio of PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Includes:

  • Scalable and robust layout that can be laced with multiple number of widgets.

  • Easy to manage content in terms of editing, deleting and updating the pages.

  • Facilitating the installation of modules.

  • Making sure that the themes are compatible across several browsers and devices.

  • Bequeathing the website with designs that are pixel perfect and high definition

  • Facilitating SEO semantics markup to ensure that search engines index your website more reliably and drive heavier traffic towards it.

Designs2HTML employs a pool of CMS experts that are adept at injecting innovation to their skill set and developing themes which can give you a much more concreted footing in the uncertain market. While the ground beneath your competitors may be shrinking, we make sure you have a stronger foothold over the market while you keep breaking new grounds consistently.