All You Need to Know About Joomla Extensions and Customisations

If you want to have a perfect site designed to interweave the commercial websites, then Joomla will be the best platform for you. It is one of the highly customisable open source content management system; Joomla gives a complete assistance in the PHP coding, compatible with all the major web browsers and supports language internationalisation.

To get yourself an efficient E-commerce site, you should look out for the services of a reliable and experienced Joomla Web Development Company, which offers you with a complete package of Joomla based site, extensions & module development, templates, other services & solutions which can help you get the desired E-commerce portal.

Joomla ExtensionsMake sure you opt for the company which has a well-informed and knowledgeable team of developers who can provideyouwithcustomised templates, extensions, component development and modification which can make your site easy to use.

Given below are the subsequent services in Joomla website development-

  • PSD to Joomla Conversion
  • Customised theme development & integration
  • Extension development & integration
  • Complete website design

These are the most common platforms for which Joomla based sites are used:

  • Commercial / E-commerce sites
  • Small & Medium size business sites
  • Social Networking portalsĀ 
  • Community-based portals

Joomla is famous for providing users with highly attracting websites that come loaded with diverse features that enhance the user experience. This CMS is quite well-organisedandhasled to the development of millions of business websites around the world. Moreover, the Joomla design services have played a great role in creating user-friendly sites that helped several companies reach their desired target.

As you all know, Joomla is an open source software which is available free of cost online. Joomla has the following advantages:

  • Requires little maintenance
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Stress-free installation & usage
  • Proper community supportĀ 
  • User-friendly administration

While developing a Joomla based portal the Joomla extensions act as building blocks of the site. These extensions provide users with hassle-free usage experience. As each and every extension has its specific technical requirements, it becomes the responsibility of the developer to make the portal compatible with all the requisites.Ifallistakencareof, then these extensions can give the site new feel & functionality.

Today you can easily find Joomla developers in the market. It is a prize winning content management system widely used for the development e-commerce website around the world. With the help of a right developer, you can easily convert your simple website into an attractive and user-friendly site that will result in maximum sales conversion rates. Make sure you hire someone who has enough knowledge of Joomla development so that he provides you with any functionality as per your business needs.


Joomla is one of the best suited CMS for the development of business sites. This system offers a well-organised outlook and functionality to the E-commerce websites. With the help of an experienced team of developers, you can build the desired portal that is user-friendly and provides you with high conversion rates leading to immense growth and huge profits.


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