Designs2HTML- For an Exceptionally Reliable PSD TO HTML5/CSS3 Template Conversion

The use of HTML5 in the web realm is growing at an astronomical pace, and definitely it’s a right way of raising the standard of your web development projects. Owing to its so much importance, many online players have been going through reliable markup conversion to transform their static designs into dynamic web pages.

Designs2HTML Ltd. is firm which helps you convert your static designs into dynamic web pages by using competitive codes to make your website absolutely stand out. The company boasts an ardent team of professionals to deliver wonderful markups for PSD to HTML5 and CSS3 at reasonable price. Delivered over 10,000 projects to over 3500 customers worldwide, Designs2HTML is definitely a choice you can bank upon.

So, if you have a static website which you are planning to make competitive and attractive, getting it customized and updated via a professional development company offered by Designs2HTML is the best way. It will not only rejuvenate your business but also will provide you a whole new website in an economical way.

What makes designs2HTML exceptional in PSD to HTML5 conversion services.

#1.)  Excellent Cross-browser Compatibility:

The web pages developed by Designs2HTML are fully tested to confirm the web compatibility with varied leading browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and more.

#2.)  100% Hand Coded & W3c Validated:

Their hand coded markup conversion is what makes Designs2HTML distinct from others. The company is efficient enough to deliver 100% hand-coded & W3C validated markups. The team at Designs2HTML follows the manual conversion process, thus offering a neat and clean well-structured code. Also, they strictly assure not to use any software tools when it comes to writing codes for the web pages.

#3.)  SEO Optimized Pages:

The markup conversion process offered by the company makes sure you get the gift of SEO friendly code. Having SEO friendly code is beneficial for the client’s website to get it indexed by the leading search engines and thus helping your website to gain higher rankings. Moreover, they opt for the latest semantic tags to make website strong with a clean architecture. Also, while doing so they make sure that the page isn’t heavy and has loads at a fast speed.

#4.)  Responsive Design:

Designs2HTML understands the importance of having responsive design to serve the needs of your mobile customers. They boost the PSD to HTML5 service to let the users take delight of a fully-functional website which gracefully adapts to the specifications of a plethora of mobile devices.

#5.)  Pixel Perfect Web Pages:

Designs2HTML strictly focuses on providing pixel perfect conversion and ensures that the markup perfectly matches your design.

#6.)  Superior Support Service:

The role of Designs2HTML does not end with the delivery of your project. The dedicated team of its professionals is always there to help you out whenever you need them. The company provides 30 days free after implementation support to get rid of deviations.

#7.)  Experienced Team:

The company boasts a team of highly skilled developers who work with full dedication to meet project deadlines and are always ready to provide relevant ideas to raise the standard of your project.

#8.) 100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the code or the final output delivered by Designs2HTML, then the company offers you 100% money back guarantee.

Designs2HTML is proud of its quality work when it comes to best of class markup conversion. Keeping in view the multiple project needs and business dimensions, the company is capable enough to offer a website conversion that caters to your needs impeccably. Their best of breed markup conversions bring best to their clients without compromising on quality.

WordPress 4.1: The Latest WordPress Version in The Town

The release of WordPress 4.1 version is all set to create a benchmark in the WordPress community by providing webmasters ability to supercharge their website with minimal efforts.

Online players around the world already seem to be excited about this new launch as there has been a lot of buzzing about its powerful improvements and features, which make them more positive and encouraged about the latest release. The talks are already on and WordPress folks are excitedly looking at WordPress 4.1 version as a medium of change that will surely speed  up the performance by providing a dynamic API system, directly from the core of the website.

WordPress 4.1 beta  comes with a lot of changes, including language selection, enhanced user experience, the new default theme, administration, distraction free writing mode and more that are sure to be enjoyed by the writers.

So, let’s check out the exciting features and improvements coming in WordPress 4.1.

1. Distraction-free Editing

Distraction-free editing has been an option since version 3.2, but in the newly release, the feature has gone beyond and much improved than the previous one.

In the current version, as soon as you hover the cursor over the text, everything else fades away, so that you can better concentrate on what you are writing and thus produce quality-rich content. The version will also make it easier for the writers to switch back and forth between writing mode and distraction free writing editor. By activating the option ‘Focus’ users will be provided with an environment wherein they can write rich content without getting distracted.

Also, there is a slight change in the editor. When you select an image, you now get alignment options along with the editing button.

2.  Fresh Default Theme

Another big feature in the WordPress version 4.1 is the introduction of new default Twenty Fifteen theme. The theme looks beautiful and it fits well with the WordPress efforts for a better internationalization. It uses Google’s Noto Serif and Sans fonts to support a variety of languages, thus eliminating the need to set fonts as per your language.

As far as features are concerned, the theme comes complete with the options including custom header and custom background, integrated support for leading social networks, multiple color schemes and more. For developers, there is an interesting feature in the form of The Custom Customizer Controls API . The feature will allow developers register and render their own controls in the customizer section for a better theme management.

3. Super-easy Language Installation

This is something really cool, no doubt. Version 4.1 eliminates the idea of installating a new language.

You simply go to Settings>Site Language and select your language. WordPress, in return, will automatically change the language without mentioning anything about the installation.

4. Export Content

In WordPress 4.1, users will enjoy an improved way to export specific categories, authors, content published within a specified period of time. This way they will be able to establish firm control over content migration.

5. The WP API Project

Currently available in the form of a plugin, the WP API project is the most talked about wordpress development within the version 4.1. The primary objective of this plugin is to make it easy for you to interact with your site’s data including users, posts, taxonomies etc. The plugin will make make it convenient for you to update your website outside of WordPress.

The API supports JSON, one of the leading data formats known for its ability to understand a variety of languages. Any program which can access the web can utilize an API, thus saving developer’s time and efforts by writing only WordPress oriented code.

6. Several Other Updates for Developers

There are many improvements coming in the upcoming WordPress 4.1 that developers will surely love. Improvements made in queries such as meta tags, comments, date and taxonomy updates will make this version developer’s favorite. Another update is the session management which allows webmasters to track the log in time, activities, IP addresses etc., for various users.

7. Better Title Tags and Queries

A brand new default theme Twenty Fifteen will allow developers to effectively define the topic title to avoid any confusion with other WP title tags.

Further, WordPress 4.1 is also coming with improved queries, date and comment to give peace of mind to the developers.

8. Improved Dashboard Features

The version 4.1 is coming up with a better dashboard features to ensure a better user experience and effective website management. The brand new default twenty fifteen theme will make it easy for developers to define title tags to avoid any kind of deviation. Plus, the version goes further in providing users ability to download language packs from directly while changing them from the ‘settings’ screen.

Another highlighting feature includes is the so-called ‘Focus’ that enables newbies experience a fully-focused writing mode. Many users usually don’t know about this feature and those who know often fails to make the most out of this mode. By activating the option ‘Focus’ users will be provided with an environment wherein they can write rich content without getting distracted.

To Sum Up

So, the above mentioned are some of the features which are expected to come along with the WordPress version 4.1. If you find them interesting and exciting, you can test the version by downloading WordPress Beta Testier Plugin and evaluate its performance for yourself